The MAIOR Contract and Performance Management System helps public transport authorities and operators to better monitor and improve the service quality delivered to the passengers

Key Features and Benefits

Manage Contracts

Simplify administrative procedures and financial transactions with public transport service providers

Improve Decision Making

By managing public contracts with operators effectively and trustworthy

Monitor and Regulate

Multiple operators’ service quality delivery through performance reports

Handle exceptions

Excluding inaccurate or unusable data from the KPI calculation

Use KPIs

Specifically designed for measuring public transport operators’ performance

Process Cause-Codes and Claims

Ensuring any service deviation is recorded and certified transparently

MAIOR Contract and Performance Management System


Around the world, public transport authorities are introducing frameworks for Bus Contracting Models and Quality Incentive Contracts to further enhance the service quality offered to passengers.

The MAIOR Contract and Performance Management System helps public transport authorities improve service reliability, frequency, punctuality, and other contractual agreements.

What you can do

With the MAIOR Contract and Performance Management System, public transport authorities can easily:

- Capture multiple contracts with all relevant contract parameters

- Define and configure business processes and workflows

- Automate the gathering of planned and actual data

- Implement a reliable 2-steps cause-code process

- Enable kilometer claiming processes

- Monetize KPIs with bonuses and penalties


What you can do

What you will get

Use KPIs to calculate service providers’ performance, such as:

- Operated km: ‘Lost and excess’ kilometers, cause-coded for further processing of potential deductions or claims

- Waiting Time: Excess Waiting Time (EWT) for high-frequent, headway-managed services

- Punctuality: On-Time Performance (OTP) for non-frequent, schedule-managed services

- Reliability: Proportion of fully operated trips

What you will get

Advanced Statistical Analysis

Use further analysis to improve service reliability:

- Pinch Points Analysis: Assess running times data between two stop points to identify critical links in the network, where continual delays occur

- Dwell Time Analysis: Summarize actual dwell times values to identify critical stops in the network where unplanned passenger boarding times caused trip delays

Advanced Statistical Analysis