The MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite for Electric Vehicles helps you easily plan and schedule e-bus fleet operations in the most economical and efficient manner possible

Key Features and Benefits

Design the charging infrastructure

including in-depot and opportunity charge

Build timetables taking into account EV ranges

to determine if next trips can be performed

Prioritize EVs to peak hours trips also to reduce pollution

while managing medium-long term procurement plan

Optimize EV blocks integrating preconditioning and charging times

while considering the existing EV infrastructure

Monitor the state of charge (SoC) and the charging station availabilities

when working on vehicle scheduling

Optimize duties to match EV tasks, like plug-in and plug-out

while checking any qualifications that are required

Simulate route electrification

to evaluate vehicle needs at the early stage of the planning process

Create scenarios

with different charging strategies to find the charging plan that best ensures electricity costs reduction


right vehicle block assignment checking the state of charge in real-time of every vehicle

MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite: E-Bus Fleet Operations Planning

Optimized E-Bus Fleet Operations with the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite

The electrification of public transport bus services is a key answer to reduce air and noise pollution, caused by an increased mobility demand and more traffic congestion.

The introduction of new electric buses means managing the specific characteristics the new technology is bringing along, plus managing the constraints that this technology requires to operate. 

Practically speaking, smart strategies for managing elements such as ranges, charging times, energy consumption, preconditioning activities, or the adequate availability of charging stations are heavily impacting the efficiency and the overall costs of your electric bus operations.


Plan your e-bus fleet operations in the most economical and efficient manner possible

For Authorities and Operators

offering urban, suburban, or shuttle operations

Designed for Mixed Fleets

for diesel, fuel, hybrid, and electric vehicles

For a Smooth EV Integration

helping you easily include new EVs in your operations

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Scheduling Optimization

The MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite performs timetable, blocking, and run-cutting optimization:

- Creating trips using vehicle autonomy range

- Calculating vehicle ranges based on battery capacity

- Managing average and worst consumption profiles

- Considering consumption per kilometer or per minute

- Using different vehicle ranges for either revenue or non-revenue services

Scheduling Optimization

Scenario Modeling Tool for EV

Strategic service planning feature


To help you plan your electric bus service future, the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite includes features to evaluate the impact of switching to an EV fleet in terms of resources and costs.

The integrated Scenario Modeling Tool for EV simplifies the transition to a fully e-fleet and eases the management of mixed fleets operations.

This innovative tool allows you to create, modify, analyze, and compare trips and schedules as the number of your electric vehicles increases.

Scenario Modeling Tool for EV

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Assignment & Dispatching

The MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite uses real-time EV data and helps dispatchers assign vehicles:

- In view of the battery status reducing range anxiety

- Considering the expected vs. the actual vehicle's charge level to reduce range risks

- Receiving warnings when vehicles are below the expected charge levels automatically

Assignment & Dispatching

EV Parameters Management

Manage all your e-bus parameters in a single place

The MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite allows public transportation companies to include all the information needed to easily configure the system parameters to address all electric vehicle operations needs.

- Designing the EV infrastructure placing charging stations at depots, terminals, or parking areas

- Managing pantographs, quick-charging, plug-in charging, or overnight stations

- Dealing with different battery types and characteristics

- Assigning plug-in and plug-out tasks

- Considering battery preconditioning time

EV Parameters Management

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