Webinar Sessions 2023 Webinar Sessions 2023

Learn with our new webinar sessions how to better address the needs and trends of the public transport world

Transit Scheduling Transit Scheduling

For transit authorities and operators to plan optimized timetables, vehicles and driver schedules

Electric Vehicles Electric Vehicles

Discover how to optimize e-bus fleet operations with the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite

Improve the Service Quality Improve the Service Quality

Discover the new MAIOR Contract and Performance Management System designed for public transport authorities and operators

Multiline Timetable Optimization Multiline Timetable Optimization

Discover with 3 case studies how the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite helps you plan trips for multiple lines, improving passenger experience

Service Reporting in Naples Service Reporting in Naples

Learn how Naples' PTO could introduce organizational, operational, and management changes, and enhance the governance of the daily management process

eBus Planning & Scheduling eBus Planning & Scheduling

Mueve Fontibón, in Bogotá, Colombia, has chosen the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite to plan the operations of its 172 new 100% electric vehicles

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